Dad status indicator

Obligatory foto of finished project first:

Ever since I was working from home I wanted to make a status indicator, so my wife and kids knew that I was in a video call and could not be disturbed.

Once I saw this tweet by Steve Forde (@cairn4) I knew how the perfect indicator sign should look like and I decided to do my own.

Materials used
1 NodeMCU
6 220 Ohm resistors
1 Powerbank
1 small breadboard
1 Ikea Ribba foto frame

Plus the help of my lovely wife who is a professional graphic designer! <3

I send the status from my telegram app on the smartphone or the laptop to the telegram bot on which the NodeMCU is listening, so it’s not yet fully automated. Still investigating how I could push a status change in MS Teams to a webhook.
A possible way to do this is via GraphAPI, but I’m not sure if my company will allow me using it.

The NodeMCU is powered by a powerbank. This is nice as there are no cables coming out of the frame. It has a capacity of 1650mAh and with the NodeMCU’s power consumption of 70mA this should get me going through a work day.

Source code is on github.

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