A weather moodlight

To create a moodlight using Arduino was always in the back of my mind. When I came accross the Spark Core on Kickstarter I also wanted it to be connected to the internet. Spark’s onboard wifi chip would make it easy to have the moodlamp reacting to outside events (apps, web sites, etc.).

In a first step I created a .NET web application that pulls weather data from OpenWeatherMap and according to the condition and temperature it would return two color codes. For example for temperature of 0 to 5 degrees celsius it would return Blue and for condition “Few Clouds” it returned Light Green.

Temperature range is from Purple (very cold) to Red (very hot) and condition is from Purple/Red for severe conditions (Thunderstorm, Hail, Tornado, etc) to White (Snow, etc) to Green (Few/No clouds) and Blue (Rain). Continue reading

RGB Lamp

MADE(by)FRUTOS has designed and programmed a beautiful RGB lamp.

What I especially like is that it involves woodworking and programming… my favorites 🙂

With this post I launch my new category “Todo pile”. Whenever I come across interesting projects on the I’ll mark them with this category for further reference.

Connecting the ENC28J60 ethernet breakout board

An idea I have in my mind is to create a mood light with arduino. It also should have an internet connection to be able to pull some information from the web. For example it could poll the data from yahoo weather and would change its color according to the forecast for the day…

The other day I bought a ENC28J60 ethernet breakout board on eBay for around $4.50. Lots cheaper than an ethernet shield of course.

To test it out I connected the ENC28J60 to my Arduino UNO according to this post. Which means I made the following connections:
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