Magic Mirror

Wanted to have a family info board in the kitchen for a long time. But then these mirrors caught my eye and I instantly loved it. And when the MagicMirror project was featured Project #1 in MagPi I ran out of excuses not to make one.
Installation/setup is amazingly easy and well made! Need to invest time now to learn more about github and node.js to make the most of it!

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Got the two way mirror from Plexihof (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Problems faced
Had an old Raspi 2 laying around that was not really reliable and cost me lots of headaches (ie. dropped wifi connection)
So I swapped it for a new Raspi 3. Used a brand new installation of Raspbian Jessie (2017-03-02)

Installation was a breeze. Followed this tutorial.

Problem I could fix

Problems I could not fix

  • MagicMirror does not autostart after reboot. Haven’t really invested time yet as this does not bother me too much
  • Mouse pointer still on screen visible after MagicMirror starts. Also not bothering me too much.


  • Two way mirror: 50 CHF (+20 CHF shipping)
  • Raspberry Pi 3: 50 CHF
  • Wood, screws, tools, cables, paint: ca 30 CHF
  • Screen: Used an old, unused one

Knock To Open Trasure Chest

The finished box


My daughter asked me to build her a treasure chest that she could use to store her most valuable things. Obviously she demanded it to have some kind of a locking mechanism so only she could open the box.

First thought was to use a keypad but then her grandfather bought her a diary with a secret code. So I had to come up with something else. On adafruit’s tutorials I came across the Secret Knock Activated Drawer Lock. Use a secret combination of knocks to open the box… An idea I instantly liked a lot. Another great thing about this drawer lock was that it was programmable, which means you can change the knock sequence to anything you like. Continue reading